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Writer's Block: Doppelganger Week

Johnny Damon -____________________________________- although my mom pointed out a girl that kinda looks like yesterday in New Haven.
Who is your look-alike?

Today's the day

It's 6:30 am, and I just woke up, not because my mom woke me up because I was oversleeping but just because of plain anxiousness/excitedness.  When I woke up earlier I thought it was only 2 or 3am because it's so dark outside.  But whatever.  I'm fully packed for my adventure abroad so now I can only write since my eyes won't close again.  Although the packing process was quite interesting, first it took me like 30 minutes to figure which big maleta I was going to take with me as my check-in.  Then while I was doing the actual action of packing my doggy decided that it would be of better use if my suitcase, with the clothes inside, would be better suited as a dog bed.  For the final touches of packing, I bought some Caribbean Candy from my beloved local C-town for my host family and so my host mother's son could try and her of course too!

On another note, sometimes I ponder if I'm ever going to really be alright being abroad because I won't be with my parents or see any of my family for a semester, I guess it must be easier for friends that go to school here from the West Coast because they don't see their family a lot during the academic year.  UGH, what time is it now?  6:43? Damn, I have to get up soon and get dressed.  Until then (aka at the airport)!
Hello world!

My brief sojourn back at school in Massachusetts made me realize two things, a) that I'm really going to miss school when I'm away and 2) that I hate being at school when it's vacation.  But now I'm home and ready to enjoy the finer things in life, I have work to do, so I won't fail when I get over there.  Let's see, I have to make three copies of my passport info page and other financial info, in case I'm such a dumbo and I lose it when I'm in Spain or if some lowlife decides to steal it from me.  But other than that, I know where I'm living a lovely piso en Ciudad Jardin with a single mother and her six-year-old son, speaking of which I must send them a letter introducing myself, en español por supuesto.  Actually I might start writing it now...until then!  また明日!

16 días más

Hoy queda 16 días más antes que yo desembarco a España desde Filadelfia (es muy extraño typear Filadelfia en la computadora porque estoy acostumbrada con el letrear de îngles "Philadelphia" =ß).  But alas, ya todavía estoy en Massachusetts, en un cafe cerca de mi escuela.  actualmente es muy linda, jeje es casi como los cafes de los dramas coreanos...como Coffee Prince....o...o....básicamente todos los dramas que he visto.  Pero tengo que hacer las preparaciones antes de salir, tengo las cosas más importantes, el visado, el pasaporte, y los boletos.  También necesito una maleta para llevar la ropa.  Ay dios mío, will it ever end?

Writer's Block: Golden Globe Awards

I'm totally not sure if I even went to the movies at all last year....and I haven't even seen or heard of any of there movies -____-
What is your choice for best picture? (The Descendants, The Help, Hugo, The Ides of March, Moneyball, or War Horse)

It's Nearing the End!

Alas, the Fall 2011 is slowly dwindling down to an end.  All classes are almost over, projects are finished or almost finished, and an increase in caffeine is being added to the majority of the students diets.  Will I come out and survive and be victorious or will I drown in despair? -_________-;

30th Floor, 150 E 58th St., NY, NY, USA

Happy Black Friday Y'all!

After eating a good deal of Turkey and a nice nap I realized that life is good outside of school once in a while.  However the day after classes ended I was on a trip with my family and friends, Celeste and Gladys, p'al Consulado General de España en Nueva York.  Primero, desperatamos a las cinco EN LA MAñANA! Madre mía.  Sleepily we got dressed and piled the car at like 5:20 to go to Union Station in New Haven to take the 5:55 am train to go to Grand Central Station in NYC.  The ride itself wasn't very eventful, we just slept parts of it along the way interspersed with watching the daily commuters go to work and following their daily routine.  But after an hour an a half on the train we finally made it to New York!  Since I haven't been to Grand Central in a while it was like looking at it with fresh eyes, I forgot the ceiling in the main concourse was made in the image of constellation in the night sky, although Celeste was most astounded by it, because like most of the country they've only seen it in movies but the real thing is out of this world!
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The beginning...all over again

After an eventful summer and plenty of rest, I begin a new school year, and hopefully only new semester.  My classes and teachers all seem fabulous and I don't think that I'm going to get lost at all as long as I maintain good connections with my teachers.  So far the most interesting teacher that I have is my English teacher.  Apparently one of my friends says that I resemble her a little bit.  Which is cool because she's awesome.  Anyway the days are slowly counting down until I hope on the plane to Córdoba (well Madrid primero después Córdoba), but it's going to be in Spain overall!

For the semester I have regained my post as a worker in my bio lab, except that I have changed projects and now I'm working on something with a completely different set of instructions and objectives, which is cool because in the end I'll be multifaceted!  But I'm no longer able to earn a stipend in the lab, rather I'm doing a Special Studies where working in the lab will count as a class (4 credits).  This essentially means that for the semester I'm taking 23 credits *shivers* but that's okay because it really feels like 19 credits because I'm taking a dance class worth two credits AND I'm taking it pass/fail.  But what do to supplement the money that I lost since I no longer get a stipend, pick up four work-study jobs.  Three within the science department and one in the music department.  But it only adds up to 9 hours a week

But when the semester ends and the time that I fly out to Spain means that I have about a month or so to myself.  I learned of this class that takes place in the Bahamas over the January Term where we study geology and marine ecology and I decided to apply even though I have never taken a class in either of these disciplines but that's okay because I don't know what could happen.  Nov 25th: But alas I got in but decided not to go, I think in all honesty I'd rather stay at home and be with my parents or be close by, like being at school for J-Term, so woo-hoo!

Well hopefully this semester will end on a high-note~!

Writer's Block: Dancing queen

If you could master any dance or gymnastics move, what would it be?

Ha, that's easy, the stanky legg or the dougie.

Happy Tuesday!

Well, that was the end of my Seattle Trip.

That's alright, because I think that was my (as my mom says it) "most excellent adventure".  Traveling by myself to another part of the country and encountering almost a different culture to what I'm used to.  I got to meet up with my friends from school and went out to eat delicious Dim Sum in the International District, went to Westlake where I blew $20 on stuff that I'm probably not going to use at Daiso, plus $30 worth of souvenirs for home. 

For the business part of my trip, I was immersed unwillingly into the world of Phycology (algae).  Don't get me wrong there are some interesting points about the study of algae, but I find in the end that algae are better eaten than studied.

The flight back home was really uneventful, I took a redeye back home and suffered from a sore knee after being cramped in my seat -_-' all the way from Seattle to Dallas, and from Dallas to Windsor Locks.  

So now I'm back in the lab working for another four weeks before I go back home to fully enjoy the rest of my vacation.  Until then!